The Beauty Bar

The Beauty Bar

Hi my name is Sevi,

I am a fully qualified Beauty Therapist specialising in Skin, Make-Up and Eyebrows. My personal approach to beauty is making sure that my client feels immaculate in their own skin at its optimal condition. By customising a skin routine to suit the individual, we achieve the best results possible.  Alongside Healthy skin - a perfectly tailored pair of Eyebrows are compulsory!

I take immense pride in perfecting my clients eyebrows, making sure they are tailored to suit your face and complexion with long lasting results.

Over the past 10 years I have curated and developed a make-up style that combines my personal love for both classic and modern beauty. My approach to makeup is completely unique to each person, tailoring to your complexion perfectly and designing the perfect eye - to me, looking good in person means it will translate 100 times more in photos! I focus on what makes my client comfortable in their own skin, whilst enhancing their features.

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