Felice Wong

Felice Wong

Not Health Fund Claimable 

Felice is pursuing a Certificate IV in Massage and is a 200 hours’ registered yoga teacher. She is always passionate about self-care and believes in the power of touch.

She feels like her hands are like a second pair of eyes, they can feel things, so she decided to go into the field. Both yoga and massage engage her in-depth knowledge of the body’s anatomy and physiology.

Felice embodies compassion, believes in soothing power of basic human touch, something much deeper than simple physical contact. With her fluid motion and comforting style she aims to help her clients heal both physically and emotionally. She creates a relaxed state in the body and mind while tending to each client’s individual needs.

She enjoys listening to the body’s ever changing needs, often times creating new techniques on the spot. Felice’s touch ranges from slow and gentle to deep and vigorous, releasing tension and energy using deep tissue massage and sports techniques, myofasical release, trigger point therapy and stretching.

Felice has hands of intuition that will give you nurturing comfort while providing therapeutic techniques to give you the proper care your body needs and she believes that massage therapy contributes to a person’s overall well being for the mind, body and spirit.

She hopes every client leaves with a smile and feeling renewed.

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