Ross Dadds

Health Fund Accredited

Ross Dadds has been trained in remedial therapies from both a Western and Eastern perspective.

With ample experience in treating sports injuries and musculo-skeletal disfunction, Ross also provides Reiki, Reflexology, Shiatsu and Acupressure modalities. Ross places a strong emphasis on listening fully to a client’s needs and maximises the treatment outcome.



Wendy Pilley

Health Fund Claimable

Qualifications: Diploma of Remedial Massage

Modalities include:
• Remedial / Deep Tissue Massage
• Sports Massage
• Relaxation Massage
• Pregnancy Massage
• Hot Stone Massage
• Trigger Point Release
• Myofascial Cupping

Whether you need to have a moment of relaxation and pampering, or need relief from muscle tension and pain ... come and see Wendy for a therapeutic massage to enhance your overall sense of emotional and physical well being.

Tracy Lane

Private Health Fund Claimable  

Finding a profession that enables Tracy to give back and improve the health and well being of people is very rewarding for her.  She gets tremendous satisfaction when assisting clients who enjoy a blend of remedial and relaxation to enable them to get the result they are after with an approach that suits them. Tracy holds a diploma of remedial massage and specialise in the following modalities:



-Deep tissue



Tracey considers herself to be a Family Girl who grew up in Townsville and spends her time between massaging clients and enjoying being a mum.

She looks forward to treating you in the clinic soon.

Frank Ragonese

Health Fund Claimable Therapist

frank has been working as a Remedial Therapist for 25 years.

Part of his early training was working with Robyn Morro for two and a half years. Later on he moved to Mt Isa where he ran a very successful massage practice.

Frank has also lived overseas and started teaching massage and yoga in Osaka Japan.

Frank blends a mix of styles that he has studied along the way which include Bowen Technique, Reflexology, Sports Massage, Aromatherapy, Hands on Somatics Acupressure, Trigger Point Therapy and occasionally when required do energetic work such as Reiki and Craniosacral.

Frank is a qualified Level 1 Hatha Yoga Teacher and have completed a two module training in Somatic Yoga. He has been teaching Somatic Yoga in Townsville for two years. Recently he has come back from Japan where he started to study Japanese Bone Stretching. The training has taught him that we all need some re-education on how we move through our daily life.

Sitting standing and general movement should be done with more ease, presence, and awareness, and he believes that most of our pain in our bodies are from things we do on a unconscious level. Frank has currently re-qualified his qualifications through The Australian Collage of Massage, and is claimable with most health funds.

Franks hobbies include going camping, playing music {I play the drum kit} and I still enjoy watching Sesame Street,and my biggest hero's are Bert and Ernie.

Terry Munro

Terry Munro

Terry has completed a Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy, is a member of Association of Massage Therapists (AMT) and is Health Fund claimable

Modalities include:

  • Remedial/deep tissue massage
  • Relaxation massage - (for self care, stress relief and mental illness conditions such as anxiety and depression) 
  • Sports massage
  • Muscle Energy Technique (MET) 


Health, sport and fitness are a passion of Terry's. He has been involved in several competitive sports at varying representative levels, including a Masters athlete competing nationally and internationally in Olympic Weightlifting. He uses his knowledge and experience to compliment his massage treatments to ensure his clients get the best possible results.

Terry's number one purpose is to work with his clients to keep them performing at their best and living to their fullest potential.

Evie Elizalde

Please note: Not claimable with Medibank Private or HCF




Moana Burgess

Moana has her Health Funds and is claimable via hicaps on the machine at the clinic.

Moana is a Remedial Massage Therapist with 5 years experience. She is a strong therapist who knows exactly where your sore spots are and how to fix them. She is highly respected and regarded by her clients and peers.

Her experience includes working with National Sporting Teams.

Her other Modalities are:

  • Pregnancy
  • Cupping
  • Myofascial Release
  • Sports Remedial / Deep Tissue
  • Trigger Point
  • Relaxation




Marissa Haller

Health Fund Claimable 

Marissa's career in the health and fitness industry started at the age of 15 when she left school to pursue a career in hairdressing. After completing her apprenticeship, getting married and having kids, she went back to study and completed a Diploma in Beauty therapy in 2000. Marissa opened up a Day Spa in 2003 and then went on to complete her Diploma of Remedial Massage completing that in 2013.

Marissa operated her own very successful business for 13 years then sold it to pursue other career options. In the time of having her own business she made long life friends, her clients were more to me than just clients. They had the best chats and both looked forward to seeing each other and catching up each week, month or how ever long it was between appointments.

Marissa finds Massage such a great profession to be in. She loves to help people feel better. One of her priorities when a client comes in, is to listen the clients needs and issues, to make sure they get the best results out of their massage.

Linda Coyle

Linda's Treatments are Health Fund Claimable

Modalities include:

  • Remedial/deep tissue massage
  • Relaxation massage - (for self care, stress relief and mental illness conditions such as anxiety and depression) 
  • Sports massage.


Massage therapy to Linda is not just a career but a passion, she loves seeing the physical, mental and emotional benefits of regular massage treatments and how it can provide balance and stability to the body and mind.

A massage treatment with Linda is about working with a variety of techniques and formulating a treatment plan specific to your needs. She endeavours to reduce stress, relieve tension and enhance performance during her session with you.

Being able to help give her clients relief from stress, tension and pain after a treatment is extremely rewarding.




Leanne Govett

Health Fund Accredited

Qualifications include:


Oncology Massage (OM2)

Diploma Remedial Massage

  • Deep tissue 
  • Trigger point 
  • Relaxation (for stress, physical and mental health condition


What is Oncology Massage?

Oncology Massage Therapy is a complementary treatment for oncological disease. It is a gentle, safe, effective and therapeutic massage technique that is comforting and nurturing for anyone with cancer, a history of cancer, degenerative illnesses, people in a fragile state of health or for anyone in need of deep relaxation. 

Oncology massage therapy can make the cancer journey a little bit easier by easing the side-effects from cancer treatment in a pain free and peaceful environment. Every massage treatment is tailored to each individual client and their needs.

Some key benefits of Oncology massage include:

  • a reduction in discomfort, nausea, fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression
  • helps to ease pain, sore or tight muscles, improve circulation and enhance cancer patient’s quality of life


A doctor’s clearance must be obtained before commencing Oncology massage treatment.

 I place a high emphasis on self care and believe it is a priority and a necessity for good health. Regular massages are not a luxury, they are a life long investment that requires little effort and have awesome health benefits.  Massage and the power of touch constantly amaze me and I feel privileged to be a part of this industry. 


Yours in Good Health 

Leanne Govett

John Thompson

Health Fund Claimable

Sports Therapist

Over 30 Years Experience

Felice Wong

Felice Wong

Not Health Fund Claimable 

Felice is pursuing a Certificate IV in Massage and is a 200 hours’ registered yoga teacher. She is always passionate about self-care and believes in the power of touch.

She feels like her hands are like a second pair of eyes, they can feel things, so she decided to go into the field. Both yoga and massage engage her in-depth knowledge of the body’s anatomy and physiology.

Felice embodies compassion, believes in soothing power of basic human touch, something much deeper than simple physical contact. With her fluid motion and comforting style she aims to help her clients heal both physically and emotionally. She creates a relaxed state in the body and mind while tending to each client’s individual needs.

She enjoys listening to the body’s ever changing needs, often times creating new techniques on the spot. Felice’s touch ranges from slow and gentle to deep and vigorous, releasing tension and energy using deep tissue massage and sports techniques, myofasical release, trigger point therapy and stretching.

Felice has hands of intuition that will give you nurturing comfort while providing therapeutic techniques to give you the proper care your body needs and she believes that massage therapy contributes to a person’s overall well being for the mind, body and spirit.

She hopes every client leaves with a smile and feeling renewed.

Melissa Sherrington

Melissa Sherrington

Not Health Fund Claimable 

Melissa holds a Certificate IV in Massage and is currently building on her knowledge and skills to attain her Diploma of Massage.

Melissa has herself been on a long road of recovery with chronic pain and inflammation. She believes healthy ageing comes from what we put into our mouths and practices healthy nutrition cooking with her thermomix.  Returning to the gym and Reiki therapy have also assisted to improve her health and come off pain medication.

Melissa holds a space for those with pain who have felt like giving up. She believes there is such a stigma around people in pain, that it is all in there heads when it can’t be seen by most people. Her life experience makes her an understanding and holistic therapist.

Debbie Lewis

Health Fund Claimable 

Debbie has been massaging for several years and recently obtained the upgraded Diploma of Remedial Massage.

She delivers treatments for Relaxation, Remedial, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy and Sports Massage.

Debbie is also certified in Hot Stone Relaxation Massage.

Debbie is health fund registered and a member of the Association of Massage Therapists (AMT).  She is also a certified rocktaping Therapist.

Debbie believes a massage is beneficial for people of all ages. A Remedial Therapist can use specific techniques to address an individual’s injury, postural or joint issues, as well as improving circulation, reducing pain and bringing a sense of general well-being.

Mark Thurlow

Please note: Not claimable with Medibank or HCF

Mark is a Remedial Massage Therapist specialising in sports, deep tissue, Swedish, trigger point and relaxation massage.

Since his first course in 1995 in Swedish massage, he has had a desire to help improve people’s quality of life by relieving and assisting in the maintenance of pain and discomfort. Mark's yearn for learning and dedicating himself to this profession has been his driving force.

Mark has achieved self-worth and confidence knowing that the services offered by First Things First help complement his remedial massage and help his clients improve their health and wellbeing.

Call to book with Mark for a fantastic massage you will love.

Wendy Carter

Health Fund Rebates Apply

Wendy Carter, Master of Chinese Medicine, has been in private practice for 28 years as an Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist.

Her specialities are  IVF support, pregnancy, preparation for birth, baby in breech or posterior position, induction of labour, postpartum, lactation, gynaecological disorders and menopause.  Wendy also has a strong nursing and midwifery background. She has a passion for helping people get better and keeping them well.


Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner with AHPRA
Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine
DipAppScience Acupuncture
Post Graduate Certificates in Chinese Herbs
Registered Nurse 

Wendy treats a wide variety of conditions and has a particular interest in women and children's health.

Musculoskeletal Pain

Acupoints are chosen to trigger a nerve response along the meridian pathways. This will allow the energy, nerve impulses and blood circulation to flow freely through the affected area, bringing about a healing response. Muscles tendons and ligaments will be nourished and relaxed.


Facial Rejuvination Acupuncture (Cosmetic).

Acupoints on the face are stimulated as well as motor points of the facial muscles. The procedure is relatively pain free with only minimal discomfort. Deep wrinkles will relax and smooth out. Areas of sagging will be toned.  The face will take on a healthy glow, wrinkles will fade and the skin tone will even out. The skin will have a plumper look as the elastin and collagen growth is stimulated. The amount of treatments required will depend on your age and general health.


Acne flare ups and Acne Scaring

Acupuncture is used on the face and the body to stimulate a healing response. Acne pitting and scarring can also be treated. 

Chinese herbs are often prescribed.



Sho Ni Shin is suitable for a baby or child under 8 years old. It may be used up to 12 years of age. The treatment takes no more that 10 to 20 minutes depending on the age of the child. It involves lightly stimulating acupuncture points and meridians with little blunt tappers to bring the qi up to the surface and then spreading the qi along the meridian with little flat scrapers. it is all done on the surface of the skin and does not penetrate the skin. It is an enjoyable treatment for the child. Acupuncture can be used however the needles are inserted quickly and removed before the child realises what has happened. The needles are not left in for any period of time as they are for an adult.



Call Wendy to discuss your Health issues today on 47287165

Tanja Gourley

Health Fund Claimable 

Tanja has always been passionate about helping people overcome a range of physical issues through the use of Massage, communication, and listening.

In 2013 her journey into the world of Massage began, after a year of studying she then went on to complete her Diploma of Sports Development which then lead on to working with Professional Athletes. To start, three seasons with the Townsville Crocodiles NBL team.

From Basketball, NRL & AFL Football, Moscow Circus, Soccer, V8 Supercar drivers, Australian and England Cricket teams, the Australian Open,and at the NRL Grand final this year, to children, teenagers and the general public, Tanja is able to treat and help clients of any age and fitness level.

The 'participating in sports improves your health' is something she strongly believes in. To be a good athlete you must take care of yourself. This then gets you thinking about what to eat and how to treat your body to achieve peak performance levels.

After completing the Diploma of Remedial Massage, she then went on to complete her upgrade Diploma making her eligible and covered for all Health Funds.

Whether your need is to have a moment of relaxation, reduce muscle tension or attain relief from chronic pain, Tanja will be able to help you enhance your overall sense of emotional and physical well being.

Tracey Royes

Tracey Royes

Registered with all major Health Funds 

Whether you need to reduce muscle tension or just a moment of relaxation, Tracey can help you to achieve what you need with a blend of remedial and relaxation to get the results that suit you. 



Megan Colwell

Megan Colwell


Megan joined First Things First in 2007 and has been owner/director since 2010

Megan comes from a sales and marketing background and has a true passion for helping people and seeing people reach their full potential.

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