Ultra Lite Weight Loss




  • 5 week weight loss program 
  • 10 week weight loss program 
  • 8 Week Challenge

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What Is The Ultra-Lite Program About?

The Ultra Lite weight loss and detox program is based on sound science and common sense. The weight loss and detox programs are designed to provide you with virtually all the necessary amounts of protein (based on recommendations of the World Health Organisation) carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids in correct balance.

Successful weight loss and detoxification will only be achieved by re-education and “brain re-conditioning”. You will relearn healthy foodchoices from different food groups and more importantly appropriate, healthy portion sizes. You can eat wholesome unprocessed foods such as meat, fish, chicken, eggs, nuts, vegetables and fruits.

The Ultra Lite weight loss avoids refined carbohydrates and sugar, and limiting excess carbohydrates you will maximise fat loss as your body will instead burn stored fat, providing energy through natural ketosis. In simple terms, our program is all about fat loss. 

Unlike many other quick weight loss programs, the Ultra Lite weight loss and detox program does not deplete your body of vital fluids and muscle mass.

You can lose up to 3 kilos in your first week and up to 1 to 3 kilos per week thereafter of fat loss.

We don’t leave you alone on this journey. Our professionally trained practitioners are there to support you with weekly consultations, weighing and measuring and providing valuable advice and supervision. This will ensure that you receive maximum benefit and results from your weight loss and detox program.





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