TransformU is a transformation Coaching and Hypnotherapy centre that specialises in transforming lives, now and for the future.

At the heart of everything I do is YOU. You are the maker of your own destiny and driver for change.

Why not try us and book in for a complimentary strategy session at either my Counselling Rooms in South Townsville or take advantage of my mobile service. 

Why Choose me?

Those who know me, know that I do not do things by halves. When I commit myself to something, I commit my all (much to the frustration of my beloved husband). My hypnotherapy learning journey was no different.

Although I am accredited with all the necessary Diploma of Hypnotherapy and Applied psychotherapy, a member of Australia’s oldest Hypnotherapy Association (Member number: 2020037), and recognised by Private Health Funds, I still strive to be the best in the field.

As I did for my Master’s Degree, I extend myself constantly through research (as you might have noticed in this website) and fine-tune my methods from the industry leaders (and mentors).

How many sessions will you need?

Well, that depends on you and your needs. As I do not sell therapy products (all of my work is about you, therefore, I will not know until I meet you and find out your needs). Just like a personal trainer, if you put in the work outside our sessions, you will not need as many sessions as someone who is not so ready for change.

Additionally, I know that we are all on a budget and I want this to be accessible to everyone!

Accredited? What does that mean?

It means you are assured that the treatment you receive is Nationally recognised, backed by Australia’s oldest association and in most cases, can be claimed using your private health fund (depending on individual circumstances).

My Journey

As you might have already interpreted, I am what you would call a ‘Go-Getter’ (before discovering Hypnosis, I was a marathon runner, single parent, worked 24 hours a week in a firm whilst completing a degree (full-time)). You know the type.

Anyway, I got to that point because I had a bumpy patch in my life. However beingthe motivated person I am, I searched for strategies, and looked for any tools that would leave my past where it belonged: In. My. Past!

I sought advice from the usual professionals for tools to remove my emotional responses but they came up with a blank as well.

I read books, so many self-help books it was becoming disturbing (no really, it was a lot).

In the end, I was tired of telling yet another stranger about me and them just paraphrasing my tale (this is not how one accumulates the tools needed to move forward). I already knew why I was there (1. I am intelligent, and 2. Isn’t that what Google is for?). I just wanted to remove the automatic subconscious reactions anymore. I consciously had the knowledge, I just could not convince my subconscious and body otherwise.

I KNEW why they were there, I just could not MAKE my BODY DO AS IT WAS TOLD!!! I found this to be very annoying. Then, I researched (like a scientist on the verge of a huge break-through) for the answers. Then BAM! HYPNOTHERAPY (insert the energetic spirit fingers (Google it, it’s a thing)).

Long story short, here I am today, being the BEST me I can be. Owning it, loving the skin I am in. I am confident, happy, and ready to help EVERYONE to feel the same, wonderful feeling of centeredness, being at peace as I do.

But, I must warn you, all my clients tell me how awesome it feels so be prepared to have an amazing experience too.  

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