Cosmetic Tattoo



Semi-permanent makeup means no more smudges, runs or retouching…just a subtle enhancement of your natural features.  

Gracie offers eyebrow cosmetic tattooing. During your initial consultation, she will evaluate your skin’s undertones, colours, and the symmetry of your features and advise on the best colours for you. Gracie is skilled and trained in a variety of styles using both machine and hand tools.  Different tecniques include the popular feather, ombre, and powder brows.

The discomfort with eyebrow cosmetic tattoo treatments is usually mild. If you’re worried about pain, Gracie will refer you to a compounding chemist for a topical anaesthetic. These creams and gels are applied to the area before and during tattooing to give you the most comfortable experience possible.

I look forward to discusing your perfect Brow in the clinic soon for free consultation.

Much Love Gracie x

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