Massage Clinic Retail Products - Byron Epsom Bath Salts 500g at First Things First Wellness Centre

Byron Epsom Bath Salts 500g


Byron Epsom Salts helps you bring back balance to mind and body with healing magnesium sulfate and powerful essential oils.

Magnesium has long been known as a great healing agent for soaking your tired and sore muscles. Adding in the potent essential oils brings a deeper relaxation and powerful healing for all your aches and pains while the aroma relaxes the senses and brings peace to your busy mind, restoring your physical and mental balance.

Start your own little ritual of self love by giving your body a luxurious soak in Byron Epsom Salts for a complete mind/body experience. The magnesium sulfate and essential oils will be absorbed through the skin to start working immediately. If you’re short on time, a 10 minute foot soak will give you a refreshing boost.

For an indulgent and soothing escape, empty the whole packet of Byron Epsom Salts into a warm to hot bath, or half a packet into a foot bath and allow the healing blend to work some magic.

Choose from Detox, Rejuvenate, Relax & Restore 

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