Massage Clinic Weight Loss - Health Check including Bio Impedance Analysis at First Things First Wellness Centre

Health Check including Bio Impedance Analysis


The Body Composition Scales calculate your body composition using Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis. A quick, safe, low-level electrical current is passed through the body. The signal easily flows through the fluids in the muscle and other body tissues, but meets resistance as it passes through the body fat, as it contains little fluid. Your results will be presented as a comprehensive print out. Your wellness consultant will explain your results and recommend individual dietary and lifestyle strategies.

We can tell you important information about your body, including:

• Weight

• Total Body Fat Percentage

• Body Water Percentage

• Muscle Mass

• Bone Mass

• Visceral Fat Rating {fat surrounding your vital organs}

• Basal Metabolic Rate

• Daily Calorie Intake

• Metabolic Age

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