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Shmoist Hand Sanitisers


Shmoist fragranced and moisturising hand sanitisers come in a variety of 6 different fragrances. The more you buy, the more you spray, and the more you save! Maybe you want to buy one for your bestie, or your mum, or suck up to your boss. Now's the time!

Shmoist is a hydrating hand sanitiser with the most amazing fragrances. 

-500+ sprays out of one bottle
 -80% ethanol and protects against 99.99% of harmful germs
-Moisturising qualities so your hands will be hydrated and smooth
-Smells amazing

-Every purchase you make makes a positive impact through B1G1
-Vegan & cruelty free
-Fast absorbing
-Recyclable cool packaging
-Aussie made

Ingredients: Ethanol (80%), water, fragrance, dimethicone, solubiliser, anti-bacterial/anti-fungal, colour.

So give us a high five ? to the new must have beauty accessory – Shmoist is here to stay! We’re on a mission to make your hands happy, to remove nasty germs, and raise your cool status. With hydrating ingredients and fragrances that will turn heads, we know your hands will be soft and smooth so you can get on with your life, one spritz at a time.  

Directions: Spritz, rub, inhale.

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