Massage Clinic Retail Products - Shakti Acupressure Pillow at First Things First Wellness Centre

Shakti Acupressure Pillow




The Shakti Acupressure Pillow is The Shakti Mats' best friend. Whether you want to take your Shakti game to the next level, or simply dip your toes in the world of acupressurethe Pillow has you covered. The Shakti Acupressure pillow is designed with a half-moon curve to fit perfectly under your neck and shoulders for gentle but effective pressure. Expect incredible tension relief and relaxation for your niggly problem areas.

The pillow can also be applied underneath hamstrings, calves and thighs to assist with healthy recovery post-workout. As well as against a couch or chair at your desk, for lumbar support. 

Supported by medical professionals, high-performance athletes, and 6,000 five star reviews.


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