Why Your Dad Deserves a Massage This Father’s Day

Written by Emma Tommasini

A recent article in Men’s Health magazine discusses the many benefits of massage therapy and how men in particular can benefit from regular sessions. However, the typical guy tends to ignore things like going to the doctor – let alone indulging themselves with a massage treatment.  All too often, they’re spending long hours at the office, working out in the garden or coaching the kids footy team without taking time for themselves.

So, it’s up to us – their sons, daughters, wives, partners – to do it for them.  After all, we think dads deserve it.  The benefits are undeniable.  

Check out our top six reasons why your dad, husband, or other special guy in your life deserves a massage; 

1. Stress Relief: Stress can affect every part of your body. Massage therapy can address a variety of health conditions including stress related tension. Let dad enjoy a relaxing massage and his stressed out body will thank you later.

2. Mood Boost: Dads have a lot on their plate and sometimes it can get overwhelming. Massage therapy releases endorphins and improves serotonin levels, leading to a mood boost and increase in overall mental outlook.

3. Ease Job Related Pain: Does dad sit all day in his office? Work long hours physically in a trade? Massage therapy is a reliable way to help ease your dad's body pain and prevent it from coming back. Did you know, for example, that guys who have ten neck massages in ten weeks experience a fifty percent improvement in mobility and pain?

4. Better Sleep: It’s no secret that massage therapy can help you to relax. But, did you know that it also helps improve sleep? The decrease in anxiety and pain lead to more ZZZs. A good night’s rest, priceless!

5. Heart Health: High blood pressure is more common among men than women. A study conducted by the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine showed a significant drop in both the systolic and diastolic blood pressure after received a 45-60-minute deep tissue massage treatment.

6. Back Pain: Massage therapy can help improve range of motion and decrease the discomfort associated with lower back pain. All those years of carrying you around can take a toll on dad. Give him a massage to help reduce that chronic back pain.

Its no too late to be dad's favourite this Father's Day. It's so easy, purchase; 

-Online https://firstthingsfirst.com.au/Products

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-Drop into reception at 208 Charter's Towers Rd, Hermit Park.

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