Which would you choose?

Written by Emma Tommasini

Extend the benefits of your massage with your choice of the following upgrades;

Hydration Gel- This nourishing gel will feed your dry and dehydrated skin with nutrients and moisture. Contains Jojoba & Vitamin E to bring dry lack lustre skin back to life. 

Sports Liniment-  An invigorating liniment that gives a warming sensation to penetrate muscles, up circulation and reduce pain. Contains Peppermint and Wintergreen, ideal for a pre or post workout massage.

Magnesium Oil- A sunflower based oil infused with highly absorbable Magnesium Chloride. Penetrates the skin to reduces muscle pain, inflammation, tension and cramps. Also beneficial to promotes stress reduction and better quality sleep.

To take your massage to the next level, ask reception for your chosen add on or select when booking online. Just $10 extra on any length massage.


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