What to Drink on a Keto Diet

Written by Megan Colwell

Drinks tend to be the sneakiest sources of calories and sugar in our diets.  Fruit juices (including freshly pressed juice), sodas, and even your favourite speciality coffee drink are all filled with so much sugar that they increase your likelihood of gaining fat while making it difficult for your body to get into ketosis.

With all of the confusing marketing terms like “low-carb,” “low-sugar,” “natural,” etc. it is hard to tell what drinks are actually keto-friendly and what drinks are just made to capitalize off of current market trends. For this reason, we decided to put together a definitive guide to what drinks you can consume and what drinks you should avoid on the ketogenic diet.

What Should You Drink on Keto?

Regardless of what diet you are on, your primary beverages should be zero-calorie, simple drinks like water, coffee, tea, and sparkling water.

Here’s a simplified list of the many keto-friendly drink options you can choose from:

  • Water. When in doubt, drink water. Don’t like drinking plain water? Try using water enhancers, infusing it with herbs, or adding some lemon juice.
  • Sparkling Water. These are bubbly, zero calorie beverages that you can either drink plain or with some subtle fruity flavors.
  • Coffee and Tea. Need a little energy boost or a hot beverage in the morning? Drink some tea or coffee. Just don’t add any sugar or order any fancy sugar-ridden drinks at your local coffee shop.
  • Diet Soda, Caffiene Free. Like soda, but without the sugar and the calories.
  • Juice Alternatives. There are also some low-calorie and zero calorie drinks like Powerade Zero and Vitamin Water Zero that taste good and hydrate you without the extra sugar. Just make sure you read the labels of any tasty low-calorie drink you buy because they may have added sugars.
  • Low-Carb Dairy Products and Dairy Alternatives. Try using heavy cream or a dairy alternative like unsweetened coconut milk or almond milk instead.
  • Energy Drinks. Most energy drinks are packed with more sugar than soda, but there are many low-carb and zero carb energy drinks on the market. However, just because it says “low-carb” on the container doesn’t mean that it will fit within your daily carb limit. Always read labels carefully, especially when you are purchasing energy drinks.
  • Keto Smoothies. Even though fruit is generally high in carbs and not recommended on the ketogenic diet, you can still make delicious, low-carb smoothies. All you need is some low-carb produce like berries and spinach, natural flavorings, low-carb nut milk, and plenty of fat from avocados, egg yolks, MCT oil, and/or high-fat yogurt.
  • Keto-Friendly Alcohol. Hard liquor, light beer, and unsweetened wines are some alcoholic beverages that you can enjoy on the ketogenic diet. Don’t forget, however, that alcohol is poisonous to the body, so it is best to consume these drinks in moderation.

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