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Written by Emma Tommasini



Happy Feet Foot Patches (Box of 5 Pairs = $20, 1 PAIR = $5) 

Foot patches are usually stuck to the soles of the feet and worn overnight. They work like a poultice, warming up to allow the natural ingredients to draw out and absorb the undesired toxins from the body. Ancient Eastern medicine believes that toxins go downwards in the body and accumulate in the feet due to gravity. Benefits include a better sleep, reduced fatigue and a feeling of enhanced wellbeing. 


Happy Ears Cone Ear Candles (1 pair $12

The ear candles work by gently filling the ear canal with warm air, softening the earwax. The propolis vapors heal and protect the ear. The heat also enhances blood flow within the ear canal, resulting in a feeling of well-being and of general relaxation. The warm rising air creates a vacuum at the base of the candle that helps draw out waste deposits and moisture from the ear canal.


MgBody Magnesium Original/ Sports (Roll-on 60ml, Spray 125ml, Cream 100g $15.95-$24.95) 

Pure and highly concentrated for best results. Easy to apply to the site of aches and pains for almost instant relief. To increase your magnesium levels simply apply to your hands or arms, where it will be transported to where it is needed most.
Magnesium is great for: pain, tight muscles, restless legs, sprains, strains, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), cramps, stress, PMS, headaches, anxiety, arthritis, diabetes, magnesium deficiency and much more. 100% Australian and Certified BFA Organic. Ingredients: Organically sourced Magnesium Chloride. Sports Formula includes additional Essential Oils.  


Eagle Bio-Muscle Magnesium (Powder 150g $36.50) 

Contains multiple forms of bio-available magnesium plus key supportive nutrients including activated B vitamins, Zinc, chromium, glutamine and taurine. This formula has been specifically formulated to provide optimal bio-chemical nutrition for relief from the symptoms of muscle pain, tightness, stress and fatigue. 


Zen Herbal (Gel 40g $11.95, Liniment 100ml $24.95

A combination of 8 traditional herbal medicines and 2 essential oils that penetrate directly into the site of pain or injury. For temporary pain relief and local reduction in inflammation whilst improving circulation and healing to the specific area. Zen Liniment and gel help relieve: muscle pain, arthritis & rheumatism, minor sporting Injuries, joint pain, bruises & sprains and muscle spasm. 


Posture Medic (XS-XL Sizes $55

The Posture Medic can help you improve your posture and strengthen your back and core muscles. Throughout your busy day, you often end up slouching or hunching over without realizing it. This compresses your spine and tightens your chest and neck. Your upper back ends up weaker because it’s not engaged properly. And where does all this lead? Poor posture! And sometimes to pain. Posture Medic helps stabilize your posture by holding your shoulders further back and reminding you to “straighten up”.


High Density Foam Roller (45 x 15cm $35)

Designed to target painful trigger point areas to help sooth muscular pain and discomfort, eliminate uncomfortable knots and relieve tension. Ideal for a wide variety of stretching and massage techniques our black foam roller can help improve stability, balance and flexibility, increase blood circulation and boost core strength when used both pre and post workout.
Simply roll the targeted body area over the foam roller to target and relieve tense painful muscles.The roller has also proven effective for those users wishing to stretch or release the iliotibial band (ITB) following a knee injury or post-operatively as advised by a physio. Crafted from firm EPP foam (Expanded Polypropylene) these black rollers are hardwearing, durable and robust making them ideal for both home and commercial use.The colour insert features instructional graphics to show how to use the foam roller, with additional in-depth videos available online.


Wheat Bags Australia Heat Pack (Large rectangular 37 x 17cm $25) 

Wheat filled therapy packs, can be used hot or cold. Simply heat in the microwave or place in a bag in the freezer. They mould easily to the body as a drug free pain management. Heat bags promote blood flow, relaxation, decrease pain, soreness and inflammation, treat injury, tight muscles and spasm. Durable and long lasting, made from 100% cotton cover and non-chemically treated wheat.   


66 Fit Spiky Massage Balls (Set of two-8cm hard or soft $17) 

Ideal for applying gentle pressure to muscles in those tight spots which are often hard to reach with conventional massage techniques. Gently roll the therapeutic balls in a circular or rocking motion, applying your preferred amount of pressure to increase blood flow to the area, loosen tight knotted muscles and relieve tension. Alternatively place the ball between your shoulders, neck or buttocks and a hard surface eg. floor or a wall and repeat the action. The soft spiky 8cm balls are particularly effective for use on shoulder and neck areas to help massage away neck pain and relieve tension headaches. Furthermore these balls may be used for hand therapy and exercise or simply roll them beneath the base of each foot to relieve soreness and reenergize the feet.


Fasciitis Fighter ($45

Plantar Fasciitis is a common condition that causes pain under the heel. Often felt first thing in the morning or with walking and increased time on the feet, plantar heel pain affects around 7% of the population with prevalence higher in runners. Symptoms can last from a few weeks to a few years in certain cases. The Fasciitis Fighter is a EVA foam product that allows you to complete strength training of the foot and calf. Its design places the plantar fascia under some tension while the muscles in the foot and calf work to release tension and pain. 


Pocket Physio (small $15.95, Large $25.95) 

A simple, hand held trigger device for relieving the tension in a tight muscle that causes pain. It’s density and physical shape is designed to replicate the pressure of a therapist’s thumb or elbow. When muscles get tight they often cause pain in specific patterns. Locating, and applying pressure to the tightest area of a muscle (the Trigger Point) signals to the muscle to relax and helps relieve the pain it may be causing. The most common cause of tight, shortened muscles is poor recovery following periods of strenuous activity, like playing sport or extended inactivity, like sitting at a desk all day. 


66 Fit Spiky Massage Roller (36cm $15)

Target both specific and general muscle areas with just one product. As the two independent freely moving spiky balls move over the body the user is able to target specific areas of concern to help relieve muscle aches and pains and eliminate uncomfortable knots and niggles in those hard to reach places. Versatile, easy-to-use, multidimensional product designed with portability, dual purpose and easy storage in mind. Includes free downloadable ebook and exercise videos available from the manufacturer's website.


66 Fit Balance Board (Beginner-Intermediate 36cm $35)

Regain a sense of balance and coordination and ensure a speedy recovery post injury. The board has a larger flatter base shape making it extremely easy to use, the ideal choice for beginners and intermediate users to progress through the early to middle stages of rehabilitation.The balance board can be used in a variety of rehabilitation and exercise regimes to work on core, upper and lower body strengths and as a supporting piece of equipment for squats, floor taps and press ups. Includes free downloadable balance training ebook and exercise videos available from the manufacturer's website.


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