Ultra Lite Explained by Naturopath Stephen Eddey

Written by Emma Tommasini

The Ultra Lite program is a fat loss, not a weight loss program. It differs from most calorie counted programs because it maintains adequate protein in the diet to ensure muscle mass is preserved. Protein in the diet, when combined with exercise is essential to maintain muscle mass while safe and effective fat loss can occur. This differs from most other diets that simply restrict calories, which means the body loses fluid, muscle and may be some fat.

The importance of muscle preservation means that once the person has reached their goal weight, they are less likely to put the weight back on because the muscle mass ensures that their basal metabolism is preserved. It also means the person after their weight loss is toned and has a healthy body composition.

The adequate protein also ensures detoxification occurs. The liver requires protein to detoxify the built up toxins that often accompany obesity. Fat cells store toxins and as the fat is being burnt the toxins are released and adequate protein in the diet ensures the toxins are detoxified.

The program is largely based on the ‘hunter and gatherer’ diet, eliminating ‘fad’ foods such as grains and sugars, which have only been in the diet a few thousand years and only a few hundred years in large quantities. If you restrict high carbohydrate foods, the body will then turn to stored fat to be burnt as fuel. The diet then focuses on consuming high amounts of vegetables, salads and non tropical fruits, which are obviously great for our health and wellness.

Stephen Eddey    

M.H.Sc.,B.H.Sc.,Dip.App.Sc.,Ass.Dip.App.Sc.,Cert.I.V.(Workplace and Training).

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