Trending: Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Written by Emma Tommasini

You may have seen these beauties doing the rounds on social media. The Rose Quartz Facial Roller has been so popular that they are now sold out at the supplier. Lucky enough First Things First Wellness Centre have got their hands on the last stock. 

Science has just validated facial rollers cult Insta-status.  Studies show gliding a facial roller along your skin for 5 minutes can increase blood flow by up to 25%. The rolling pressure pushes away excess fluid and bacteria in the lymph nodes around your face, de-puffing in the process. 

The result? Improved skin texture and a healthier glowing complexion. 

Facial rollers come in a variety of gemstones but we heart Rose Quartz. Known as the self-love stone, Rose Quartz Rollers are touted for helping you feel ultra relaxed as you gently massage the cooling quartz across your face, neck, and decolletage. 

Beautiful skin starts from within, but showing it some love on the outside is just as important. The luxury Rose Quartz Facial Roller is a beautiful addition to your self-care routine. 




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