Text Neck: The Modern Phenomena

Written by Emma Tommasini

Text neck is the term used to describe the neck pain and damage sustained from looking down at your mobile phone, tablet  or laptop too frequently and for too long. Using a mobile device often can lead to poor posture and symptoms of text neck. And it seems increasingly common

Our lifestyles today are really not in favor of treating our neck well. A recent survey states that the average mobile phone user spends 3 hours per day surfing the net or scrolling social media platforms. No wonder we are getting frequent headaches or feeling cloudy and tired all the time.

As soon as stiffness and pain set in, we will also experience a decrease in our range of motion. Looking to the left or right might not be as easy or pain-free. Left untreated, the condition can give rise to muscle spasms and a build up of acidic molecules. An increase in acidity causes our body’s natural repair process to kick in.

The area will pull fluid to the source of pain as it tries to neutralize the pH in the area. This is why we will always find fluid retention in an area of pain. An accumulation of the fluid can create a pressure-type feeling and before we know it, a headache sets in.

Part of the problem is technology, yes. The greater issue, however, is what we are doing about it....

Why having a neck massage is so important? 

The solution here is to bring optimal blood flow to our neck. Massage increases circulation and brings oxygen and nutrients to the area for healing. At the same time fluid, acid and waste build up will be encouraged to be eliminated from the body. 

What about Posture & Stretching?

In the long term how we move and hold our body must be addressed. Correcting our posture and incorporating a daily stretching routine is an invaluable commitment to overall health. 


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