Oncology Massage Testimonial

Written by Emma Tommasini


Question 1:  Being diagnosed with and treated for cancer can be scary, painful and isolating, thinking back can you remember how you felt after your first Oncology massage with Leanne?

I felt blessed as my body had been used to massages before cancer. Then it felt invaded by poking and prodding. This was so gentle that I felt the response immediately. 


Question 2: In what ways was massage helpful while you were going through treatment? 

The massages began so gently and it was what my body craved after so many needles and treatment. Leanne was wonderful and understanding and knew what level to begin with. Each subsequent appt, she applied a slightly firmer pressure. My body began to feel human again. 


Question 3: Did massage enable deep relaxation and time out or a quiet safe place from the stress of cancer treatment? 

It was both for me as Leanne is so gentle herself.  



Question 4: Did Massage help with Neuropathy in the Feet and Hands, Ease Anxiety/ Depression, Pain Reduction and Sleep Quality? 

Yes all of the above 

Question 5: How did Oncology massage make a difference in you cancer journey?

My body was craving the gently touch as most procedures I had endured felt like an assault on my body. Leanne was so understanding of what I needed.


Question 6: How important do you think massage was for your health and wellbeing while you were going through treatment ( chemo/ radiotherapy/ Immunotherapy)? 

I believe it is important all the time for my body. When I did go to Leanne, I was so happy to get the responses to make me feel well again. 



Question 7: After your treatment finished was massage helpful with your ongoing recovery? 

Yes, definitely.  Leanne is still treating me and understands the parts that need to be worked on. She is such a good masseuse and a wonderful, giving person.

Question 8: Would you recommend Oncology massage to others going through cancer or in palliative care?

Yes, yes, yes. I always tell people that this should be part of the treatment.


In a few words what would you like to share with other people about the benefit of Oncology massage?

I had surgery, chemotherapy then radiation. I had allergies to drugs and reactions to chemicals. My body felt like it was fighting the world at times. Leanne’s massage was such a blessed relief for me.



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