Most Common Mistakes Mums and Dads Make With Their Health.

Written by Emma Tommasini

It is pretty clear, that as we age, our health trends downward. I mean, it's not like we want to become unhealthy, yet that is the path most of us unwittingly head down. So why do we all end up in a poorer state of heath the older we get?

Below are some common mistakes and problems our clients encounter as they age which leave them looking for a solution, looking for us. Most clients come to us because they want to reduce pain, destress, increase energy and lose weight. We help them do just that.

We prioritize everyone and everything over our self.

If you're flying in a plane and it starts going down, we're instructed to fit our own oxygen mask first before helping others. The logic stands right? How can we begin to help others if we pass out due to lack of oxygen first? Yet when it comes to our lives and our loved ones, we almost ALWAYS fit other people's oxygen masks first. 'I'll be fine' we say to ourselves. We soldier on. We continue serving others and never take 5 minutes to just be; to sit within our self and see what we need. This often leads to emotional eating or sitting in front of the tv or phone screen completely zonked at the end of the day because we have given so much to others and nothing to our self, searching for enjoyment through external sources. Our motivation lowers and therefore our exercise decreases, we begin over-eating things we shouldn't be, we feel like we can never relax and we feel a lack of fulfilment. 

By filling up our own cup with relaxation, love, peace, good health and energy, our cup can overflow to others around us. We can't truly love if we don't love our self first and we can't truly look after others if we don't look after our self first. Make yourself and your health a priority.


We never put value in learning what is a healthy lifestyle. 

We were taught a different message. We are brought up being told that we need to study, get a job, buy a house and get married so we have money and a family to retire with. Where is the part about looking after our body? Where is the bit that explains if we become chronically ill it will affect our money, our family and our entire life. Putting value in and learning about healthy habits and rituals is not something we are taught. And the minimal stuff we are taught: we need to exercise, drink plenty of water, not much alcohol, go to bed early and eat healthy food; most of us don't practice. Start to put value in little healthy habits. Make the connection that small healthy habits do result in overall improvement in our lives.


Always relying on the media for health information.

I mean, who has time to google the micro-nutrient composition of celery juice and learn why it is so good for the body? So when it comes to increasing our understanding of health, the main source is the media. We take in what is put in front of our eyes and ears in our day to day lives. Unfortunately though, the media is not always a reliable source of health information. One minute vitamins are good, then they're bad, wait no they're good again. Is salt good or bad for you? What kind of salt?
'I hear pink salt is good?' we ask.
'I saw it at coles but it's expensive.'
This is the sort of conversation we have... we just don't know.

Solid health advice should come from health professionals or your own extensive research. Not click bait articles, attention grabbing radio or TV news or glossy magazines. 


We wait until something goes wrong to do something about our health!

We wait until we get diagnosed with arthritis to start learning about bodily inflammation and its effects. We don't learn about the effects of heart disease until we experience a heart attack. We invest basically NO money into our health other than our health insurance (which doesn't count). This is the most important point! Don't wait until something goes wrong! Be proactive and take action to prevent these issues so you don't end up in pain, overweight and sleeping badly. 

The average monetary cost of Coronary Artery Bypass surgery is $38,000. Plus the cost of you being out of work, the stress on you, the stress on your family, the fact you might not survive the bypass surgery. Compare this with the conscious decision to look after yourself, eat the right foods, detox and live a more active lifestyle.


Once something does go wrong, we don't commit to making real change in our life.

A recent study of 250,000 Aussies aged over 45 showed that after being diagnosed with type two diabetes, patients made NO changes to their lifestyle to reduce the impacts of type two diabetes. NONE. Everyone continued smoking the same amount of cigarettes, exercised minimally and didn't change their diet.

People who don't prioritise their health, never put value on doing so and don't do their own research into what is healthy for them are generally the people who end up in pain, overweight, sleeping poorly or worse. So please, if some of these sound familiar or resonate with you, don't wait to take action. Don't make an excuse as to why you can't stop making these mistakes today.  Do something right now to start being proactive and taking control of your health.

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