Megan Colwell- Director First Things First Wellness Centre

Written by Emma Tommasini



Words From Megan: 

Some of the best decisions I’ve made in the past year {random list}: 

-Spend more time with family and friends
-Say “Yes” to new experiences
-Listening to podcasts - Filling in the gaps in my life with educational audio - my preference is car time
-Reading Books, I’ve never been a big reader- It’s like having the best advice from mentors on demand.
-Regular detox and massage treatments
-Going to more entrepreneirial womens events and education sessions.
-Going on trips away with my closest family and friends
-Saying “No” to not doing anything i don’t want to or find unnecessary


My best decisions are basically forms of;

-Saving time
-Educating myself
-Living simply
-Smiling and trying new things
-Fulfilling my need for spontaneity and excitement
-Looking after myself
-Appreciation for those beautiful amazing people in my life



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