Maya's Blog-Week 3, More Than Weight Loss

Written by Emma Tommasini

This week’s weigh-in didn’t quite show the same results as last week. I weighed in at 73kg last week, and when I stepped on the scales 7 days later I was 73.4kg. Originally I was really disappointed with myself, and accredited this gain onto my pasta bake cheat meal. However, after looking at the composition of my weight with Sheridan, it actually turned out that my fat had dropped 1.3kg, but my water levels and muscle mass had increased which outweighed the fat loss. My muscle increased by 1.6kg from the week before, not only because I’d been synthesising muscle from working out, but also because my muscles were more hydrated. My metabolic age also decreased from 31 to 27-years-old, and I lost 3cm in the week as well. So, after initially being disappointed with my overall body weight, I left FTF with a super positive mindset!


Not only did the scales indicate a positive change in my body, but I also felt a change in my energy levels, sleeping patterns, alertness, and IBS. I like to go to Bootcamp at 5am most mornings, and since starting Ultra Life, I have never trained harder! Sometimes it’s difficult to wake myself up and get motivated to go to gym so early, but recently I’ve had no problems at all and have been able to lift much heavier than ever before. I think that I’ve seen this change because I’m sleeping better at night. I’ve been able to consistently have deep, unbroken sleep and I think that’s played a huge part in my energy levels. Since starting the new school term, I’ve also noticed an increase in my focus and processing skills during class. Finally, and I know this might be a bit weird to talk about in my blog, but I have noticed a dramatic improvement in the severity of my IBS. It’s caused me lots of problems over the past year or two, but what I’m eating in the Ultra Lite seems to have suppressed it quite a lot.


My favourite meal this week has been the Souvlaki with Greek Salad. I prepped 5 servings of this meal on Sunday night, for easy lunches everyday at school. I also made a salad with spinach, pumpkin, almonds, and haloumi, to eat for dinner, and it was a really filling meal. I especially enjoyed the pumpkin, because it’s a bit of a ‘heavier’ veggie! Although I’m not eating as much food as I did previously, I barely ever get hungry - which is a really strange feeling!


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