Maya's Blog-Week 2, The First Weigh In

Written by Emma Tommasini

Wow - down 2.5kg! I can’t deny that I was super nervous before stepping on the scales. I could feel that I’d lost weight, but I was unsure if I was on track to hitting my goal weight. But, after my appointment I was really happy with my results and it was an awesome motivator for me. Sheridan adjusted my protein intake as my ketone levels were showing really high, and I swapped a few of my sachets for the chocolate flavour.


After having a lot of trouble getting down at least 1 sachet a day (supposed to aim for 3/day) for the first week, I had no trouble at all getting all 3 in with the chocolate flavour! They’re a really nice treat after dinner as a hot chocolate, or perfect for a mocha during the day - you could also use the vanilla flavour in coffee as an alternative. My favourite recipe this week has been the Baked Eggs and Bacon! On Sunday night I made chopped up 6x the amount of veggies in the recipe, and split this mixture amongst the 12 cups in a muffin tray, and then added one egg and the cheese to each one. After baking, I wrapped them in pairs and froze them, to be reheated throughout the week. Each pair was equivalent to one serve, and they were so good that my mum even pinched a couple!


During the week I did a really good job at sticking with my meal plan and staying in ketosis, but, unfortunately the weekend was not the same case :( I had really bad cravings for pasta when babysitting on Saturday night, and after serving it up for the rest of my family I couldn’t resist. I caved and had a bowl of chicken pasta bake - immediate regret! I found that eating complex carbs, like pasta and bread, simply isn’t worth it while in ketosis. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE pasta, but it’s not as satisfying when you know you’re kicking your body of the fat burning state. My best advice to anyone who experiences the same cravings I had, is to keep your Habit Relief close, and entertain yourself with something else, a chocolate sachet works best for me!


However, if you do cheat - just as I did - don’t drop the bundle! Just because you’ve had one bad meal, don’t let yourself continue eating that way for the rest of the week or even the rest of the day. Remember that your NEXT meal is going to be keto friendly, and that you’re going to stay on track to reaching your goal! If you need something to motivate you, start taking progress pictures at home to show yourself how far you’ve come, but also what you still have to achieve.


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