Kylie our January 2019 $1000 Weight Loss Challenge Winner!

Written by Emma Tommasini


**Client Testimonial**  The challenge has changed my life for the better. To me this isn’t just an 8 week challenge, this is the rest of my life and I’ve found it easy and enjoyable. For the last 8 weeks I’ve had no gout or stomach issues, I’ve got my confidence back and my knees are loving me more. Tracey my gorgeous consultant asked me what was my goal the first time we meet and throughout the 8 weeks. I told her I didn’t have a goal, because I was too embarrassed to say, I’m just hoping I can commit to this for 8 weeks and not fall off the wagon. I really believe this has been a team effort, because Tracey was always there for encouragement, kind words, recipes, keto bread and her various types of water flavours. I can honestly say sign up, listen to your consultant, but also make yourself accountable, because the results are you get your life back, your confidence increases and you stop being a spectator in life and become a participant. Thank you First Things First, I will continue to support your amazing business- Kylie, Pallarenda.  Kylie Lost 14.2kg and 57.5cm in Just 8 weeks. AMAZING! Our next 5 week Challenge starts after Easter on Monday 29th April. Book your Free Consultation on 4728 7165 or online by clicking HERE





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