Guilt Free Chocolate Mousse

Written by Emma Tommasini

If you're looking for a sweet treat minus the sugar load, you can't go past this 3 ingredient Chocolate Mousse recipe. So delicious and simple to make if you're after something quick and sweet after dinner.   

4 servings -4g Carbs per serve- Prep time 15 mins- Cook Time 1hr


-90g Well Naturally Sugar Free Dark Chocolate (available at Woolworths)

-120 ml Thickened cream

-2 Eggs Separated


1. Melt chocolate in glass bowl over water on stove or microwave on low.

2. Mix egg yolks quickly and add to melted chocolate and mix well (the chocolate mixture will change consistency to be more like a cake mix) put aside to cool slightly.

3. Beat egg whites till soft peaks form, whip the cream and fold whipped cream into chocolate mixture, fold egg whites to mixture.

4. Place in a bowl and put in the fridge to set.

5. To serve grate a little extra chocolate on top or add fruit of your choice.

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