Government Bows to Public Pressure Calling for a $2million Natural Therapy Review

Written by Emma Tommasini

Thanks to the publics incredible efforts, the Government has bowed to public pressure over the axing of natural therapy rebates.

Just days after the removal of health fund rebates for natural therapies came into effect on 1 April, Greg Hunt MP has announced $2 million for updated natural therapy reviews to re-examine which therapies should once again be eligible for Subsidy through the Private Health Insurance rebate.

The review update will also look at removing the 'banned' list so insurers can cover whichever therapies they want, even if they won't attract the Subsidy. 

13,323 members of the public took the time to send a personalised message to Minister Hunt and LNP MPs and Senators. All major parties now recognise this is an important public issue that won't go away. 

While some might see this as just a means to neutralise angered voters prior to the upcoming election, it is an opportunity to have the evidence for natural therapies reviewed fairly and ethically. 



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