Farewell Ross....For Now!

Written by Megan Colwell

Today we say farewell to an absolute gentleman as he embarks on a break from Townsville to transition to the Gold Coast… Hopefully short term!

The nice part is that you are chasing your dreams. And you will now have lots of time to make all your dreams come true. The bad part is how much we will miss the pleasurable experience of working with you. We wish you the all the best and thank you for your years of dedication, enthusiasm and team spirit.

Working with you for the past 10 years has been a joy! We will miss seeing you every day as will your clients, whom I know you consider as family.  You have always been a hard worker and a terrific team member. No one is more deserving of this break than you.  We hope that you have an inbuilt boomerang that knows to return home.

Take Care Ross and Keep Smiling x

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