Endermologie Frequently Asked Questions

Written by Megan Colwell




How do you get rid of Cellulite?

To get rid of cellulite you need to treat it consistently and break down the cellulite, detoxifying the body and changing your lifestyle to prevent a future build-up.  The main ingredient to fighting cellulite is to get rid of the toxins and make sure that no further toxins build up in your system and that wastes are being eliminated.



How Many Treatments will it take to get rid of my cellulite?


It is recommended that each client has a minimum of 2 treatments per week and packages begin with 10 treatments.  Usually people will start to see changes after 6-8 treatments, but should feel a difference after the first treatment. Experience has shown that 20 sessions achieves a great result.


Each client will differ in the results that they desire and the number of treatments that are required to achieve their desired results.



Will I lose weight from the treatment?


Endermologie is not a weight loss treatment. It is for body shaping, cellulite reduction, sculpting and toning but in conjunction with exercise and diet you may experience weight loss.


How long does each session take?


Each treatment lasts for 35-40 minutes and the majority of that time is spent on your target areas.


Where does the fat go and is it similar to Liposuction?


Unlike Liposuction, Endermologie is a non-invasive treatment that doesn’t remove the fat cell like Liposuction.  We drain the toxins out of the fat cell removing the fluid retention and the appearance of cellulite. Endermologie also works on a different layer of fat to liposuction.  Liposuction does not remove cellulite.

In the Endermologie program, there is no recovery or downtime, in fact the treatment is so nice it is addictive.


What does it feel like and it is painful?


Endermologie feels like a deep tissue massage without the pain.  It should always feel gentle, relaxing and painless.


Are the results permanent?


With exercise, diet and lifestyle changes, cellulite and centimetre loss can be maintained for an extended period of time, but is not permanent because we are working with your natural body systems.  Monthly maintenance treatments are recommended, but you can come in more regularly if you wish.  Our goal in the program is to educate you about your body and how it functions in order to stay fit and healthy on a long term basis.


Does it work?


Endermologie has been around since 1986 and is the only FDA and TGA approved treatment to reduce the appearance of cellulite and alter your body shape.  There have been a number of scientific studies which have proven a difference in cellulite and tone within the skin.  There are over 110,000 Endermologie treatments performed every day in over 95 countries worldwide.


Why does it work?


Endermologie has been successful in its treatment of body contouring and reduction of cellulite because it works on the layer of fat & toxins that cannot be altered by diet and exercise.


Are there any other benefits to the Endermologie program?


Endermologie has many benefits, some of which are:


  • Decreased menstrual pain, PMT symptoms due to a better lymphatic and vascular flow
  • Improved sleep patterns and relaxed nervous system
  • Decrease in fluid retention
  • Increase in energy levels
  • Improved self esteem


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