Encouraging Your Baby Into The World

Written by Emma Tommasini

Acupuncture is a safe and well known method to encourage natural labour, in a woman with an uncomplicated pregnancy, who is at full term.

It works by promoting the following; 

1) Relaxation of body and mind, helping the woman to be free of anxiety.

2) Relaxes the pelvic floor allowing the baby's head to descend deeper into the pelvis, thereby stimulating contractions.

3) Improves circulation to the pelvis.

4) Ripens of the cervix.

Appointment are health fund claimable and can be made with our in house Acupuncturist Wendy Carter on 4728 7165 or online https://firstthingsfirst.com.au/BookingsWeekly?SelDate=20190806&Location=131&Staff=451 


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