6 Things To Do Once The Kids Go Back To School

Written by Emma Tommasini

We know you love your kids the appropriate amount, so it doesn’t make you a bad parent if you let out a little (or giant) sigh of relief once school is back for the year! You’ve spent heaps of quality time with the family over the holidays so now its time to consider your own wants, needs and goals for the year. 

I'm sure you won't be stuck for ideas but here are six suggestions of things to do once the kids go back to school…

Drink a whole cup of hot coffee

No interruptions. No echoes of “MUUUUUUUUUUM” or “DAAAAAAAAAAAAD” coming from down the hall. Boil yourself some water and make a nice hot cup of tea or coffee. Sit down and enjoy it all in one sitting – while it’s still hot!


Book a massage and detox box 

Right now is the perfect time to address those niggling pains, muscle tension and general blah feeling from the holidays with a detox box session followed by a remedial massage. Walk out cleansed and relaxed.


Watch the news

Or a trashy daytime TV show – we’re not judging you. Without the kids to fight over the remote control, the digital world is your oyster! Sit back, relax and watch something other than Frozen (for the 100-millionth time)!


Get yourself pretty

If your feeling a little ragged around the edges after the holidays, we can help at The Beauty and Body Bar with lashes & brows, face & body waxing, spray tans, facials, wraps & scrubs, manicures & pedicures. If it makes you feel beautiful, do it!


Set your health goals for the year

Would you like to improve your health and lifestyle, eat better and lose weight this year? A good start is a free health assessment with our wellness consultant Tracey. Find out your body composition and the dietary program that would best suit you. 


Go to the toilet in peace

Last but certainly not least, enjoy going to the bathroom in peace. Light a candle, take a magazine, whatever tickles your fancy. Remember, after making it through the school holidays – you deserve it!


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