Holiday Ready Challenge

Written by Emma Tommasini

With less than 90 days left until Christmas, let's put the balance back into your food and social life. Set yourself up for 2022 feeling lean, rejuvenated and nourished.

Our 6 Week Holiday Ready Challenge is a keto friendly eating program. Get your starter pack and weekly one on one support from just $499

Find out more and register your interest here

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Ultra LIte Keto Pancakes

Written by Megan Colwell


$ 15.99

Ultra Lite has created Keto Pancakes!

These super delicious pancakes are a low 3.5g of carbs and one serve of protein per serve (2 pancakes).

Ultra Lite Keto Pancakes are sugar-free, dairy-free AND gluten-free, and contain MCT oil powder. 


Almond flour, MCT Oil (15.9%), Organic coconut flour, Prebiotic acacia fibre, Erythritol, Cream of tartar, Baking soda, Psyllium, Konjac flour,  Sunflower lecithin, Organic tapioca flour, Vanilla, Thaumatin

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It's Your Turn.......Weight Loss Program Starts Monday 30th September

Written by Emma Tommasini

Are you looking for a weight management program that works quickly and offers permanent results?

Ultra Lite is a nutritionally sound, easy to follow diet system that will satisfy your appetite and cravings and leave you full of energy to enjoy life – with fast, sustainable weight loss and health improvements.

Clinical research, medical trials and many thousands of successful patient outcomes support the Ultra Lite method of rapid and sustained weight loss. And we know that it works – our practitioners have been helping clients to lose weight, keep it off and change their lives for over 20 years.

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Join Us, 5 Week Weight Loss Program Starts 5th August

Written by Emma Tommasini

Have you attempted to lose weight on our own with little success? The number one key to long term weight loss is accountability.

Imagine having your very own wellness consultant guiding you on the journey. Helping you decipher the nutrition fact from fiction. Checking in with you regularly to keep you on track. Celebrating with you your health victories as well as motivating you on your bad days.

Our program is more than just a diet. It's a full support system to help you achieve your health goals. Book your free consultation with Tracey before August 5th to join our next 5 Week Program. Call 4728 7165 or schedule online here

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A Very Deserving Winner

Written by Emma Tommasini

Emma lost an impressive 11kg and 70cm in 5 weeks following our wellness program. Here is what she had to say about her experience

"Thank you to the beautiful team at FTF for providing me with the tools I needed to be a better version of me again! Tracey you were great, I felt so supported and especially loved our chats and treating myself to your very own blends of water every week. Emma thank you for the lovely Endo treatment, I’m going to indulge in more of these as I felt immediate results!! I’m a workaholic with 4 kids so the detox boxes were also wonderful for me to zen, to allow time for me and to revisit my reasons why I wanted to do this. My journey still continues, I have 4 years of my Canberra winter coat after all to get through soooo it will take me a bit to get to where I want to be, Anyone considering giving the ultralight program a shot-I highly recommend!! Keto is the way to go!. I think the proof is in the pics!

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WOW- Keto Coffee Creamer!

Written by Emma Tommasini

Blend Keto Creamer into your coffee to add a dose of goodness for a delicious, creamy result.

Contains 30 serves - a month's worth of creamy goodness

Plant based, Keto & paleo friendly

Add a creamy finish to your favourite drink with added brain & body boosting benefits.

Easily absorbed fatty acids, supporting ketosis
Supports brain and mental focus
Thermogenic, supporting fat loss
Boosts metabolism
For sustained energy
Sourced 100% from coconuts
Palm Oil Free

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