Fan of The Week- The Beauty Bar @ FTFWC

Written by Emma Tommasini

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Gracie has really done an amazing job at creating a professional and beautiful beauty bar that I love visiting and would recommend to everyone. She creates such a comfortable environment getting to know her clients, while still maintaining a professional attitude. She focuses on giving the best possible outcome with each appointment and her technique is very gentle, with the customers comfort at the center of her focus.

She creates such a beautiful experience through being very welcoming upon arrival, to her room which is decorated very appropriately. She is very easy to talk to and creates strong conversation, getting to know her clients to give the best results and acts as a great therapist after a long hard day. After each treatment I was overly satisfied with the results and the process, I was never in any pain or discomfort and for waxing etc she would give warning and assist in reducing any discomforts as soon as possible. Her skills are very advanced and I can confidently say she has given an impression that she has had years of experience as she knows exactly what she is doing and was able to provide me with lots of education on how to care for my lashes etc.

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New Service Alert!

Written by Emma Tommasini

First Things First is excited to introduce a new Body Waxing Service to it's treatment menu. Our Therapist Marrisa is kind and highly experienced to give you smooth results. Arms/ Legs/ Brazilian/ Bikini/ G-String/ Underarms/ Chest waxing availiable.  Male & Females Welcome.   

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Silk V's Mink V's Synthetic Lashes.. Whats Better?

Written by The Beauty Bar

Lash extensions can be a little bit confusing if you’re new to the concept. Here’s a brief rundown of the three main types of extensions available and the differences between them.

What Are Synthetic Eyelash Extensions?

Synthetic extensions are the most budget-friendly eyelash extension on the market. They’re made from acrylic and feel quite hard. They often look very black, glossy and dramatic because they’re generally quite thick and “plasticy”.

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