Megan Colwell- Director First Things First Wellness Centre

Written by Emma Tommasini



Words From Megan: 

Some of the best decisions I’ve made in the past year {random list}: 

-Spend more time with family and friends
-Say “Yes” to new experiences
-Listening to podcasts - Filling in the gaps in my life with educational audio - my preference is car time
-Reading Books, I’ve never been a big reader- It’s like having the best advice from mentors on demand.
-Regular detox and massage treatments
-Going to more entrepreneirial womens events and education sessions.
-Going on trips away with my closest family and friends
-Saying “No” to not doing anything i don’t want to or find unnecessary

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Mother's Day 2019

Written by Emma Tommasini

First Things First Staff with their Amazing Mum's- Clockwise from top left: Elise, Megan, Marissa, Tracey M, Linda, Tracey R, Gracie, Frank, Hannah C, Wendy P, John, Tanja, Tara & Rori, Shaylee, Emma


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Congrats Wendy on Completing Another Half Marathon

Written by Emma Tommasini


First Things First Massage Therapist Wendy Pilley and her husband Mark completed a gruelling Half Marathon in Cairns last weekend. Well Done, Top Effort! 


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Congratulations Sheridan & Gracie!

Written by Emma Tommasini

A huge congratulations to these two amazing ladies from First Things First Wellness Centre for both becoming recipients of the Townsville Women's Business Circle BOQ Castletown Education Bursary on Tuesday night.

We are so proud of you and love that you both add so much value to our team. We wish you all the best for your future education and excited to see the knowledge you will gain.

LEFT: Sheridan Duff- In House Nutritionist and Wellness Consultant 

RIGHT: Gracie Dale-Make-Up Artist, Brow and Lash Artist

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Meet Our Amazing New Staff Members

Written by Emma Tommasini

Tracey Minehan- Wellness Consultant 

Question & Answers with the lovely Tracey our new Wellness Consultant for the Ultra Lite Weight Loss Program 

Who is your health hero?   Pink (amazing)

What is your favorite thing about your career? Helping people reach their goals and be happy

What is your proudest accomplishment?  My children 

What makes you laugh the most?  My Sister

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A Father Is Someone You Look Up To No Matter How Tall You Grow!

Written by Emma Tommasini


Behind every good person is a great dad!

Meet the Wonderful Dad's of some of our First Things First Wellness Centre Staff.

Wishing all dads young and wise a fabulous Father's Day on Sunday.

Left to Right: Centre Director Megan with her dad Chris, Sarah smiling at her dad Keith, Morgan dressed up with dad Clint, Hannah and her dad Vince, Moana having a laugh with dad Frank, Emma with dad Bart, John as a baby held by dad Bob, Tanja enjoying time with her dad Ronnie 

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