Most Common Mistakes Mums and Dads Make With Their Health.

Written by Emma Tommasini

It is pretty clear, that as we age, our health trends downward. I mean, it's not like we want to become unhealthy, yet that is the path most of us unwittingly head down. So why do we all end up in a poorer state of heath the older we get?

Below are some common mistakes and problems our clients encounter as they age which leave them looking for a solution, looking for us. Most clients come to us because they want to reduce pain, destress, increase energy and lose weight. We help them do just that.

We prioritize everyone and everything over our self.

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Free Employee Health Checks for your Staff or Workplace.

Written by Megan Colwell

Corporate Health - Its in your best interest.


What is involved in the Health Check? 

We use the Tanita scales (remaining fully dressed, only removing your shoes)

Body composition is an essential tool for those who are serious about feeling better and living healthier. 

The scales will check

- Body fat

- Body weight 

- Water percentage

- Muscle mass

- Bone mass

- Physique rating

- Metabolic age

- Visceral fat

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