Watch How You Can Fight For Natural Beauty

Written by Emma Tommasini

Technological Innovation For Beauty

Made in France, this technology gently stimulates the skin to reactivate dormant cellular activity. 100% Natural and painless, it provides visible results instantly with 0 side effects. 300,000 people choose this technology every day.

Endermologie's patented technologies are the result of continuous research conducted by our engineers, our researchers who are part of a Scientific Research Committee and our thousands of practitioners throughout the world. Our technology is always designed to naturally improve health and beauty while perfectly respecting the skin’s ecology and the human body’s physiology.

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LPG Alliance Machine Launch

Written by Megan Colwell

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Key Benefits Of Endermologie

Written by Megan Colwell


  • 100% natural technique using the patented technology of Mecano-stimulation.
  • Face endermologie (10 to 75min session): reduces lines and wrinkles, firms facial contours and clarifies compexion. Visible results as of the 1st session.
  • Body endermologie (10 to 50min): releases stubborn fat, reduces cellulite appearance and resculpts body contours.
  • 70% improvement in the body's ability to naturally break up and release stubborn fat pockets resistant to diet and exercise.
  • New Skin Identity Sensor: precisely adapt the stimulation to the specific needs of each skin identity.

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Scientifically Proven Effectiveness of Endermologie

Written by Megan Colwell


Face endermologie: visible results a of the 1st session
- Endogenous Hyaluronic Acid +80%
- Fill in wrinkles and fine lines 87%
- Clarify the complexion x2
- Firm facial contours 70%

Body endermologie: visible results as of the 3rd session
- Eliminate localised and resistant fat deposits +70%
- Smooth orange-peel skin 67%
- Firm the skin 71%
- Waisline circumference -5.2cm

Breakdown of collagen prevented; synthesis of new, quality collagen.

"An extensive, rigorous scientific study proves that mechanical stimulation helps the skin produce hyaluronic acid."¹

Prof. Philippe Humbert, head of the Dermatology Department at the University Hospital of Besancon and Director of the Skin Study and Research Center, tells us about the study conducted with LPG's new facial technology: the Ergolift treatment head.

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Treatment Protocol Endermologie

Written by Megan Colwell


For optimum results, 2 sessions per week for 10 to 15 weeks are recommended. Afterwards, regular sessions are required to maintain the results. Each treatment takes 35 minutes on average.

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Endermologie Benefits to First Things First Clients

Written by Megan Colwell


Endermologie used by professionals and also individuals with more than 100 000 beauty salons using their equipment and 12 million treatments performed, we have been using at First Things First Wellness Centre for over 15 years.

Thanks to its Endermologie technology, LPG has launched the first and only 100% natural and non-invasive solution to help people live in harmony with their bodies. This innovative scientific breakthrough keeps evolving and surprising us with its well-known positive effects on both health and beauty.

LPG has developed equipment with a modern and intuitive user interface to guide through the settings for a more comfortable session for you. You will enjoy a relaxing moment and get all the advantages and benefits of this innovative and non-invasive scientific breakthrough.

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4 Beauty Goals of Endermologie

Written by Megan Colwell

4 Beauty Goals of LPG Endermologie

     100% Natural




Do you have localised, unsightly curves (saddle bags, a tummy, large thighs etc), and when you lose weight, you never lose it where you want to? Rest assured, Endermologie can target localised fat and act where you really need it.

The balance between the production and elimination of fat is a natural process involving fat cells. Despite a perfectly healthy lifestyle and regular physical activity, the process of storing fat tends to increase over time.

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What Conditions Are Treated With Endermologie?

Written by Megan Colwell













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