20 Reasons You Should Join The Ultra Lite Lifestyle

Written by Emma Tommasini


1. It's a scientifically based and nutritionally sound program backed by medical research 

2. Provides 1 on 1 personalised coaching support from a qualified health professional

3. Weekly appointments to keep you motivated and accountable 

4. Information nights and online support groups to learn about health and meet other supportive members of the program

5. Quick and appreciable weight loss results of body fat reduction rather than muscle or fluids loss 

6. Appetite is regulated with less hunger and cravings 

7. Easy to follow, with clear daily directions, meal plans and recipes 

8.  Flexible and family friendly

9. Based on whole foods, not meal replacement

10. It's educational teaching you portion control and macronutrient balance

11. Provides ongoing, long term lifestyle & weight management strategies

12. Energy levels are boosted, endurance during exercise increased and sleep quality improved

13. Clearer thinking and mood stabilisation

14. Better digestion and gut health with reduction in symptoms of bloating and heartburn

15. Anti-ageing and skin clearing benefits 

16. Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol 

17. Improvements in chronic health conditions such as Diabetes, Arthritis and Migraines

18. Health Fund Claimable 

19. Flexible payment plans and payment options including Zip Pay

20. A chance of Winning $1000 prize money with our our 8 week challenge 






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