Dead Sea Black Mud: The Ancient Beauty Aid

Written by Emma Tommasini


For many years, people from all over the world have been drawn to the famous inland sea in Israel located at the lowest point on the planet. The Dead Sea mud has the highest salt content of anywhere on Earth, which gives it a high density and remarkable properties found nowhere else.

The abundance of essential minerals such as natural calcium, iron, and magnesium found in dead sea mud is widely accepted to possess a number of restorative effects on the human body — particularly for the skin.


The worlds first spa 

Queen Sheba and Cleopatra are said to have used the mud’s natural healing properties to get that youthful glow. From Royals to Tourists, thousands travel every year to get their own spa treatment in the magical waters and cover themselves in the healing mud.

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20 Unique Gift Ideas For Christmas

Written by Emma Tommasini


Find the perfect gift for everyone on your list, with all the inspiration you need right here. 1. Aroma Bloom Diffusers from $65   2. Collagen Beauty Powder $29.95   3. Ruby Simone Silk Pillowcases $88   4. Feather Sisters Lash Extension Sleep Mask $34.95   5. Australian Wheat Bags $22  6. Mingle Sachet $4.95   7. Mingle Seasoning $12.95 8. Plantar Fasciitis Fighter $22 (was $49)   9. Trigger Point Balls Set 3 $20 10. Spiky Muscle Roller Stick $29.95   11. Trigger Point Pocket Physio $5   12. Posture Medic $55   13. Foam Roller 30cm $25   14. Foot Patches Single $5   15. Happy Ears Ear Candles $12.95    16. Model Rock Lipstick $6-$20   17. Model Rock Lashes $11.95   18.Naked Tan Products from $22.95   19. Wrinkles Schminkle Smoothing Kits $39.95   20. Designer Candles by Heather $24.95.     

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Monetary Value Gift Voucher

Written by Emma Tommasini

A popular choice as it allows the recipient to chose whatever their heart desires from our variety of health and beauty services and products. Gift Vouchers available from $20-$500+ 

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Meet Our New Massage Therapists

Written by Emma Tommasini

First Things First Wellness Centre are happy to introduce Davalee, Stephanie and Bev (left to right) to our Massage Therapist Team. We welcome the skills and qualities they bring to the clinic and appreciate the value and benefits they will provide to our clients. 

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Spring Cleaning is For Your Body Too!

Written by Emma Tommasini

Feeling sluggish, bloated, moody, bad breath, weight gain, poor sleep? It may be time for a spring body detox.

First Things First have you covered for products and services to cleanse you from head to toe.

  1. Ear Candles- Clear the ear canals and sinus of wax and debris
  2. Detox Box- Far Infrared light deeply cleanses the skin of toxins
  3. Epsom salts- Add to a warm bath to purify the muscles
  4. Foot Patches- Draws out toxins that gravity has pulled to the feet
  5. Endermologie- Highly effective for lymphatic drainage

Taking time to cleanse the body and nurture your detoxification organs is a key approach to achieving optimal health. 

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Guilt Free Chocolate Mousse

Written by Emma Tommasini

If you're looking for a sweet treat minus the sugar load, you can't go past this 3 ingredient Chocolate Mousse recipe. So delicious and simple to make if you're after something quick and sweet after dinner.   

4 servings -4g Carbs per serve- Prep time 15 mins- Cook Time 1hr


-90g Well Naturally Sugar Free Dark Chocolate (available at Woolworths)

-120 ml Thickened cream

-2 Eggs Separated


1. Melt chocolate in glass bowl over water on stove or microwave on low.

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