What Results Can I Expect From The 8 Week Challenge?

Written by Emma Tommasini



Here in Townsville, at First Things First Wellness Centre, we have helped thousands of people lose weight and improve their health. Our clinic has been offering the Ketogenic Ultra Lite program for over 15 years with great success. 

Many people's first question is 'How much weight will I lose in 8 weeks?. On average our clients who follow the program will weigh 2-4kg less after their first week and lose 1-2kg each week thereafter. This totals to be up to 10-15kg weight lose in 8 weeks. Results are of course influenced by factors such as gender, age, compliance, start weigh, exercise levels and medical conditions. 

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What Does a Day of Meals Looks Like On The Keto Challenge?

Written by Emma Tommasini


Our keto weight loss program is based on real whole foods for long term health and wellbeing. No processed products, packaged meals or meal replacement shakes. We teach you how to shop for fresh produce and prepare your own nutritionally balanced meals to educate you towards a healthy way of eating for life. 

Choose from a variety of foods including red meat, chicken, fish & seafood, eggs, cheese, yogurt, nuts, vegetables & fruit. A typical day may start with bacon, eggs & avocado, for lunch chicken breast on fresh salad, in the evening steak or fish & stir-fried vegetables and finish the day with strawberries & cream. Flavored sachet drinks rich in vitamins, mineral and amino acids are provided to be enjoyed between meals. 

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Silk vs Mink Lashes.. Whats Better?

Written by The Beauty Bar

What’s the difference between silk, mink and synthetic eyelash extensions?


Lash extensions can be a little bit confusing if you’re new to the concept. Here’s a brief rundown of the three main types of extensions available and the differences between them.

What Are Synthetic Eyelash Extensions?

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Meet Our Amazing New Staff Members

Written by Emma Tommasini

Tracey Minehan- Wellness Consultant 

Question & Answers with the lovely Tracey our new Wellness Consultant for the Ultra Lite Weight Loss Program 

Who is your health hero?   Pink (amazing)

What is your favorite thing about your career? Helping people reach their goals and be happy

What is your proudest accomplishment?  My children 

What makes you laugh the most?  My Sister

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Keto Gift Guide

Written by Emma Tommasini

What should you get for the keto enthusiast on your christmas list? Ohhh, boy… do we have some ideas for you!

‘Tis the season of giving. But what might be the ideal gift for low-carb or keto eaters?


Kitchen Gadgets

Up first, a list of kitchen tools that aren’t in every kitchen but help make keto baking and cooking a breeze:

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We Now Stock........Home Cooked Delicious Low Carb Meals

Written by Emma Tommasini


Left to Right: Mediterranean Chicken, Indian Stir-Fry, Beef Stroganoff, Eggplant Lasagne, Chilli Mince, Tuna Filled Tomatoes, Sesame Chicken, Salmon Scramble, Pumpkin & Spinach Flan

Did you know we have a new addition to our First Things First Wellness Centre Fridge?

We now have available Fresh Ultra Lite Prepared Meals for the taking at $11 each.


  • Homemade with fresh ingredients 
  • Portion controlled and ready to eat 
  • Low carb with healthy protein and fats 
  • Clearly labeled with nutritional content 
  • They taste delicious 
  • Convenient for those busy weeks 
  • Prepared by the local Eden Cafe         
  • Different recipes every week 


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The Gift of Wellbeing is Priceless

Written by Emma Tommasini

We often spend a lot of time thinking about the perfect gifts for our loved ones. We look for things that can be wrapped neatly in a box, and eagerly anticipate what treasures we might be surprised with ourselves. But after all the wrapping has been swept up and we’ve returned to our usual routines, how often do these gifts really make an impact in our lives?

If you pause to think about what really matters, it’s not the latest tech gadget, cosy socks, or even kitchen appliance, it’s how we move through the world. When we can do this healthfully, happily, and with purpose, there’s far less need for things because we’re satisfied on a much deeper level.

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Naked Tan: Your Best Friend This Christmas & New Year.

Written by Emma Tommasini


Naked Tan is Australia's most loved tanning brand, there is a shade to suit every skin tone. However you choose to spend the festive season, partying the year away or holidaying by the pool, we have you covered! 

Naked Tan is made with a combination of the most natural ingredients. No Parabens, No Alcohol and is Odour-Free. Enriched with Aloe Vera to nourish and hydrate the skin. 

Beauty editors and celebrities including Racheal Finch love Naked Tan. Featured all year around by Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Instyle, Grazia and Bridal Magazines.

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Instant On The Spot Health Fund Rebates

Written by Emma Tommasini


Receive instant health fund rebates with selected services including Remedial Massage at First Things First Wellness Centre. After your consultation, your participting health fund card is simply swiped through the HICAPS terminal.  Your claim details are entered and in seconds the whole transaction is processed. Once your claim is authorised, you simply pay the gap amount - the difference between the full fee for the treatment and the amount covered by your health fund.  No messing around with paper receipts and time spend claiming in store or online. Book your appointment today and to take advantage of your health fund entitlements before they expire mid year for most funds. 

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