It’s day 7 of the weight loss program and it’s weigh-in day…….
How have I been going this week? Well, day 3 I found the hardest, as I had severe caffeine withdrawal, resulting in the worst headache EVER. This is what happens when you consume up to 6 espressos a day. Note to self: don’t take your son to a school birthday party when you have no coffee in your system. It’s painful.

I found removing coffee from my daily routine harder than removing wine (no, my nose is not growing after writing that comment). When starting this journey, I decided to ditch coffee and go for decaf, which is really like, why bother at all? So now I’m on the herbal tea, and surprisingly enjoying it (until you go to a work meeting and the client gives you a green tea with milk….who puts milk with green tea? Drinking that was harder than doing my first weigh-in)
I had my first session of Endermologie last Friday and besides being in a body suit that resembles something Kim Kardashian would wear (however all her body parts are sitting upright and perky and not hanging down to her belly button like mine) the session went great. It went for 45 mins and Kirrilee and I chatted a lot – now she has a thorough understanding of why we don’t like Lisa Oldfield from Housewives of Sydney. Bless you Kirrilee.
My motto has always been that the second day of a diet is always the easiest because by the second day I am normally off it. So this is a real achievement for me. I am on to day 7 - I’ve been strictly adhering to the eating program and making sure I am drinking at least 2 litres of water a day. I can notice some of my clothes are fitting better, and I've received comments that my skin is glowing and I have more energy. I’ll start with 2 gym sessions this week – haven’t done any exercise this week as it was all about getting into a groove with the food.
This healthy eating plan provided by First Things First is about getting your body into ketosis. I’ve gotten myself into the routine of planning and preparing my meals the night beforehand. Until going on the Ultra Lite program I didn’t realise what huge portions I was eating – I was eating everything on the plate. It took a few days but my body is getting used to the new portion sizes. The hunger cravings are easing and I’m enjoying the supplement shakes that really get you by between meals. Best of all I find myself getting enjoyment out of watching work colleagues eating cakes and fast food (insert evil laugh). Remember, the bigger your friends get, the slimmer you look!
My husband is happy over the money we are saving from not visiting Dan Murphy’s and my boys have commented that I don’t ask the question “do I look fat in this?” as much. And this is only week one! By week 6 I will probably be volunteering to do the boy’s homework.
My first social outing test will be this Saturday - I have a friends birthday dinner and I don’t feel worried that I will fall off the wagon. I know what are the good carbs & protein, and I’m realistic about portion size. And it’s the first time in ages that I will be the designated driver.
Oh, I forgot to mention I have lost 3.6 kilos in the first week and 15 cm’s around the body – of which 5 cm from my waist! That’s equivalent in weight to 2.6 full bottles of wine! I am so impressed with the results from just one week from the Ultra Lite accompanied with Endermologie sessions.
If truth be known, I made myself accountable by having all my friends know I was on this journey because the way I see it, it makes it harder for me to fail because I don’t want to disappoint. So thank you for being my motivation. YAY YOU!! xx
Chat next Wed for weigh-in numero 2….I’M EXCITED!!

Shell xx


Here is my talented little Weight Loss Giru - Kirrilee

Kirrilee Browning - Wellness Consultant

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