Endermosport Testimonials


“I have a high pain threshold. Normally I have 4/10 pain and its bearable.

Today I have to say this is the best I have felt in a very long time!

It was instant relief. Now I’m about 1/10 in pain which is great for me.

The therapist was wonderful and explained the procedure in full prior to the treatment then also throughout the treatment.

Most importantly she made me feel very comfortable.


ALAN MCDONALD (1 treatment on Male 27/03/15)

“I came in with swelling in my left knee from an impact injury.  After my first treatment I can walk without limping and pain has been significantly reduced”


 HELEN MATHIE, CHARTERS TOWERS (53yrs old, 1 treatment)

“I came into the clinic for an Endermosport treatment after reading great reviews on the First Things First Facebook page. The thought of instant pain relief and reduced swelling was very appealing after suffering from an on-going ankle injury after a fall five months ago.

My therapist was lovely- she really listened to my concerns and took the time to understand my situation.

After a 30 minute relaxing treatment, my entire leg felt lighter and my movement was much less restricted.

At my physio appointment an hour later, she independently noticed that there was less fluid in my leg and foot. The real benefit I felt from the treatment was later that evening after the hour and a half drive home. My upper leg was not aching as it usually would from being immobilised, and I felt I could straighten my ankle freely as I walked.

I would definitely recommend this treatment and First Things First Wellness Centre to anyone suffering from uncomfortable pain and swelling due to an injury.


LISA KIRK (10 treatments on female suffering from post-surgery with hamstring pain and mobility)

“Following bilateral knee reconstructions in less than 18 months; I was still struggling with pain, stiffness and decreased flexibility, which was affecting my ability to work and whilst exercising.

After the first two sessions of Endermologie I noticed a remarkable difference. Straight away I felt a decrease in pain and a significant improvement in my hamstring flexibility, which was my ultimate goal.

Throughout the program I continued to see improvements and can now fully participate in my sports rehabilitation and strength training thanks to the positive impact this trial has had. After completion of the trial I reached all the goals I set out to achieve prior to beginning the program and I have noticed a remarkable and positive difference.

The friendly and approachable staff at First Things First Wellness Centre was very professional and knowledgeable and able to answer all my health and fitness questions.

 This program really helped me in my recovery and I would definitely recommend coming in to see the staff to discuss your options”.


Janice Locke, Mount Louisa (One treatment was performed on 53 year old female.  Client presented with pain in right knee, Sore left ankle from old injury and pain in lower back.  All areas were significantly improved.  One further treatment has been booked.)

“I came in and had my first ever treatment and I could feel it working straight away!

I could definitely see the difference from before and after the treatment.  The tightness had almost gone.  I am now looking forward to my next visit.”


John Antney (One treatment on 40 year old male suffering from a mine injury to left leg. Injury happened on 18/3/15. One further treatment will be required.)

“I suffered an injury on the jobsite with a coal wall falling on my left knee. I was on crutches when I attended the appointment and could hardly walk. Before and after the treatment the difference was definitely noticeable in range of movement and pain. The reduction in fluid was also noticeable.

I walked in at 95% pain on my left leg and walked out with only about 30% pain. 

I am very impressed with how well this treatment worked and have booked back in on Tuesday for my follow up treatment.

I also slept with no pain which was an amazing feeling”


Maria Selwood (Two Treatments on female suffering lower back injury two days apart.  No further treatment is required. Client is not pain free.)

“I had a very painful back complaint.  I found the procedure to be quiet pleasant and gave relief.  The staff member was very professional and helpful.  Two sessions gave me much more movement in my back and subsequently reduced the lower back pain I was experiencing.

I would MOST DEFINITELY recommend this treatment! 

I would be happy to have this treatment for injury/pain or restriction of movement and also for lymphatic drainage”.


Jae Dawes, Mount Isa – 16th March 2015

"I had an ACL reconstruction on February 4th.  The first week of rehab was about reducing the swelling using rest and ice.  My first appointment with First Things First was 7 days after my surgery and was an extreme success, one 45 minute session had done what a week of rest and ice could not.

The swelling had dramatically reduced and I was able to have my first comfortable night's sleep since the surgery as the pain was non-noticeable. 

I returned for a second appointment 3 days later for even more impressive results. I now had noticeable definition of my thigh and knee, whereas before my leg was just one swollen stump.

I was extremely impressed with how well the lymphatic drainage treatment worked on my leg and my specialist was pleasantly surprised by the results."