Sports & Injury Massage


Sports massage is for EVERY BODY, not just for the sporting fraternity.  This form of application addresses restriction of muscle movement, whether it is stiffness of the neck, back or restricted movement of arms or legs.  Sports massage is very beneficial for people suffering from SCIATICA also known as PIRIFOMIS SYNDROME.

The sciatic nerve runs through the butt, and when the muscles in this area is tight, they compress on the nerve causing extreme pain in the butt extending down the back of the legs.

Restricted movement of any particular muscle is normally caused by “overuse” of the muscle causing adaptive shortening of that muscle, hence restricted movement.  As a therapist we will manipulate the muscle by applying deep tissue massage followed by stretching techniques to achieve the normal range of motion.  For sporting enthusiasts we enhance their performance through a process called (PNF Stretching) Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation.

For the middle aged person who thinks their stiffness is a mere form of old age is a myth. By applying the treatment of sports  massage it increases blood flow to the muscles and stretches the fibers within the muscles resulting in freer movement.

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