Why Detox?

Why Detox?

Chemicals are your health.  Here are the hidden hazards of modern living.  Below are typical sources and estimated chemical absorption breakdown to the body. The residue of chemicals constantly circulates within the body threatening our health.  Many chemicals are stored within fat cells as the body has no means to dispose of them. Chemicals are linked to over 90% of all cancers – especially skin cancers.

It is important to detox your body of these Chemicals.


Over 2% of chemicals come from drinking unfiltered tap water.  Chemicals are mostly chlorine, aluminium and heavy metals.

Over 6% of chemicals come additives to soft drinks, cordial, wine, beer and artificial flavours and colours and preservatives.

Skin Absorption

15% comes from tap water whilst showering and absorbs vast amounts of chlorine, aluminium, heavy metals etc.  Over 90% of daily exposure to free radical damage occurs during a 5 minute shower.

30% comes from cosmetics, lotions, deodorants, toothpastes, lipsticks, sunscreens, shampoos, hair colours skin fillers etc.  There are 1000’s of different chemicals readily absorbed.  This cocktail of chemicals will cause severe disruption to the skins immune system and increase the risk of skin cancer.

Lung Absorption-

20% Comes from air pollution, industrial and household pollution.  These include cleaning products, bleach, chlorine, vapours from hot showers, car exhaust emissions, driving in traffic, workplace toxins.  Household toxins also include perfumes, insect killers, cosmetic fragrances, hair care and toiletries.

Food Additives, Pesticides –

25% Flavourings, Colours, MSG, Sweeteners, Additives, process food additives, artificial colours and preservatives.

2% of drugs, medication, dietary pills etc. This can dramatically increase with chemotherapy.

Annual Estimate of a personal intake of chemicals in an average suburban home:

Women – 5 Kilo’s per year.

Men – 3 Kilo’s per year.

Kids - 2-4 Kilo’s per year.

Babies – 1 Kilo per year.