Benefits Of Massage

  • Improves circulation
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Aids digestion, and by stimulating the lymphatic system
  • Speeds up the elimination of toxins
  • Overall wellbeing

House keeping:

What To Wear?
Casual Attire is best, you will be appropriately draped during your treatment.

Child Care
It is essential to make prior childcare arrangements before your appointment due to health and safety regulations.

Arrival Time
Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment so that your treatment can be on time.

Late Arrivals
Arriving late will potentially shorten your treatment time.

Pregnancy Friendly
In the interest of you and your baby please advise your therapist of your pregnancy.

Cancellations Policy
We require 24 hours notice to change or cancel an appointment - failure to do so will result in 100% cancellation fee

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When many people think of massage it is often stereotyped as a luxury pamper treatment or – at the other extreme – something only those who are highly athletic or physical should receive. However, this is far from the truth. Not only does massage aid in alleviating stress and anxiety, it boosts the immune system, improves circulation, reduces muscle aches and pains and can even assist with those migraines that are associated with muscle tension, work and the kids!

Massage is gaining increasing recognition for its therapeutic benefits. Not only do women and men receive treatments, but children also greatly benefit from massage by reducing their stress levels, anxiety, aches and pains from growth, sporting activities and life in general. The most difficult decision is judging what style of massage is the best approach for you at the time.

Finding the right technique and the right therapist can be a case of trial and error.  You’re likely to understand if you’ve ever had a massage that felt like you needed another massage for! The pressure can be too soft or too deep in the tissue. A key factor is communication. This is especially true for the first visit so the therapist can provide the best treatment they can. As a therapist, it is always gratifying knowing you’ve assisted your patient, but - at the same time - it is always nice knowing there are ways to improve your treatment as no two clients ever have the same preferences.

On top of technique, there are many styles of massage. When looking for the right technique there are some useful types to know.

Swedish is a common style and usually one of first learnt by a massage therapist.  It incorporates long gliding strokes, known as effleurage, with friction and kneading movements to provide a relaxing and stress-relieving treatment.

Deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper muscles to relieve muscle congestion, tension points and usually involves a strong pressure, stretches and works with the breath.

Stretching techniques and the use of pressure points known as tsubo are used in shiatsu to balance the energy, known as chi, in the body.

Heated stones are used on the muscles to relieve tension, boost circulation and induce a feeling of deep relaxation in hot stone massage. The treatment delivers a deep massage effect without necessarily using a deep tissue pressure.

Reflexology works on the basis that tension or congestion in the body is mirrored with the corresponding point on the foot.

The massage treatment that is ideal to aid those with lymphoedema and fluid retention, and may assist sufferers of allergic sensitivities and menstrual concerns, is lymphatic drainage. It targets the lymphatic system in the body which is responsible for the body’s immunity.

If you are tired of asking your partner to work on that sore shoulder, or want to target that neck tension that is causing headaches or pain, why not consider massage as a first choice?  As with an illness you go to the doctor, for muscle tension and stress why wouldn’t you go to massage; especially if it will allow you to give to others your best self?

 Massage Pricing

Service Corporate Casual
25 Min Massage  $  50.00  $     55.00
40 Min Massage  $  65.00  $      70.00
55 Min Massage  $  80.00  $      85.00
85 Min Massage  $  105.00  $      110.00
75 Min Hot Stone Massage  $  99.00  $      105.00
Ear Candling $   60.00  $       60.00


 Swedish Massage

Relaxes the muscles and eases aches and pains. Kneading and friction techniques are used on the more superficial layers of muscles.

Remedial Massage/ Sports Massage

(Deep Tissue) - releases headaches, muscle spasms and adhesions by working deeply and precisely on specific muscle groups. It is very effective in treating chronic injuries. Find out if your health fund is on Hicaps.


Structural Alignment

A gentle realigning of the spine + pelvis involving stretching techniques followed by a Remedial or Swedish massage treatment. Very effective in treating lowerback pain.


Based on Chinese Meridian theory in which pressure is applied to specific points along energy channels to release blockages in energy flow.

Lymphatic Drainage

A very gentle and relaxing form of massage, stimulating the lymphatic system and eliminating toxins and excess fluids from the body.


Focuses on points on the hands and feet that correspond to each organ, gland and structure of the body. The therapist manipulates reflex points to reduce tension, improve blood supply and establish harmony among body functions

Pregnancy Massage

We will treat clients at all stages of their pregnancy and have specially designed cushions for your maximum comfort. Find out if your health fund is on Hicaps.


The practice of using aromatic oils combined with relaxation massage to treat a wide range of problems from insomnia and stress to depression and nervous tension.


Cupping is an ancient Chinese therapy in which a cup is applied to the skin and the pressure in the cup is reduced (either by heat or suction) in order to draw and hold skin and superficial muscles inside the cup.

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